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Disclaimer:- Tin Lizzy is not my real client. This is a school project.

TIN LIZZY is a mobile boutique truck based in Annapolis, Maryland. They sell all local and imported handmade jewelry and clothes that do not support human exploitation or sweatshop. At the beginning of the research, I came up with different problems Tin Lizzy have and solved those problems with the design thinking.

Tin Lizzy does not have a logo that everyone can recognize the brand. During the research, I learned Tin Lizzy is a name for the Ford Model T.  Most of the product Tin Lizzy sells have bohemian vibes. Thus, following are my few sample of logo sketches and digital drafts created during the process.

Tin Lizzy does not have a modern and responsive website. Therefore, I designed a new website for desktop and mobile view.

Tin Lizzy does not have a regular place to sell clothes so they need to keep their customers in the loop. In order to inform their customers, they need to collect the email address of their customers and send Newsletters and designed emails. Following is the example of an email they can send to their customers.