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Design work for Nevesu presented a unique problem solving opportunity. My client had a vision for her brand that was conflicting with the fundamental rules of design. The end-result had to both fulfill the client’s expectations and uphold the proper design values to function as an effective brand.

NEVESU is an online platform where holistic experts collaborate in order to provide services to clients for the betterment of their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual being. additionally functions as a content-marketing and e-commerce outlet for the brand.

The Process: Drafting & Refining

Before I reached the final logo for NEVESU, I spent several hours researching the mission of the company and made moodboards to search for the right feel for their messaging.  I created both sketches and digital drafts of various concepts throughout the project.

The client specifically wanted to the brandmark to represent a 7 pointed star and the colors of the 7 Chakras, yet it had to arrive at a simple and clean conclusion. The following is a small sampling of logos created during the process.